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Joining Volunteer50

What is Volunteer50?
Volunteer50: Chancellor’s Call to Service is a UC San Diego initiative that encourages all students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends to complete 50 hours of service during the academic year. Established during UC San Diego’s 50th Anniversary celebration, the program supports the campus’ mission of service by connecting campus members with volunteer opportunities and showcasing the collective impact of UC San Diego volunteers.
How do I sign up?
Register online to join the Volunteer50 community, powered by NobleHour. Once you sign up, you can find volunteer opportunities, record your service hours and share volunteer news and events. Learn more about getting started with NobleHour here.
What counts as volunteering?
Volunteering is freely giving of your time and energy in lieu of monetary compensation. To help clarify, a donation, i.e. giving money or items to a nonprofit, is fabulous, but it doesn’t count as volunteering.
Can I volunteer anywhere?
Yes, all service counts. Participants can volunteer anywhere and with any service organization.
Will administrative leave be granted so people can volunteer during work hours?
No. Individuals who participate in Volunteer50 will volunteer their own time to do charitable or helpful work.

All-Stars and Monthly Themes

Do I have to volunteer at an organization based on the month’s theme?
No, the volunteer themes are just suggestions. We include a monthly theme and All-Star organization as a way to highlight great causes and nonprofits in our community.
What is an All-Star organization?
UC San Diego has partnered with a local nonprofit “All-Star” organization for each theme month of the Volunteer50 initiative. The partner agency will be featured on the Volunteer50 website and will have information about their mission and volunteer opportunities available.
How were the All-Star agencies chosen?
The Volunteer50 committee received agency nominations from across campus to fit our 10 monthly themes. The nominations came from students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members. Selection was based on the nominated agency’s willingness to partner with UC San Diego, capacity to handle potentially large numbers of volunteers and geographic diversity.
How do I nominate a nonprofit to be an All-Star?
You can nominate an agency to be a future All-Star by emailing The committee looks forward to learning about new agencies and highlighting the important work that they provide to the community.

Funding Grants and T-shirt Requests

What kinds of projects will Volunteer50 fund?
Grants and t-shirts may be awarded to volunteer service projects hosted by a UC San Diego organization or department and open to the UC San Diego community. For example, a group beach clean-up or volunteer night at a food bank.
All funding and t-shirts will be awarded at the discretion of the Volunteer50 Committee and in accordance with UC San Diego policy.
How much grant money can I request?
There is no limit to the amount of funding that may be requested. Grant requests will be reviewed by the Volunteer50 Committee and awards may be granted in full or partial amounts. In past years, grants have typically been awarded in amounts ranging from $200 to $1,000.
The grant application asks for a line item budget. What is that?
The Volunteer50 Committee would like to see a breakdown of how you are planning to spend the money. Here is an example of a line item budget from a K-12 service project:
Price quote for school supplies from
- Air Express 17" School Backpack/Daypack 96 x $4.34 = $416.64
- Composition Notebook - Assorted Colors 96 x $1.36 = $130.56
- Retractable Ball Point Pens 96 x $0.70 = $67.20
- 6" (15cm) Plastic Ruler 96 x $0.34 = $32.64
- Pencil Case Pouch - Clear 4" X 6" 144 x $0.34 = $48.96
- Mechanical Pencil, Scent Lil Mp .7Mm 120 x $0.52 = $62.40
Total: $758.40
Shipping $30.00
Processing and handling $2.98
Order Total $779.93
Can my organization request funding and t-shirts for the same event?
Yes. You must submit two request forms: one for funding and one for t-shirts.
Can my organization request funding and/or t-shirts for multiple events?
Yes. A separate request form must be completed for each event.
Will Volunteer50 fund food items?
Yes, Volunteer50 may fund food and drink items for volunteers who are participating in a group activity that will last four or more hours.
Will Volunteer50 fund transportation?
Yes, Volunteer50 may award funds for group transportation (e.g., for a UC San Diego shuttle to take volunteers to the service site). However, Volunteer50 will not award grants for individual travel, such as a plane ticket. If renting a UC San Diego shuttle, we recommend getting a price quote prior to applying for funding.
What if I don’t know exactly how many volunteers will participate in my project?
An estimate of the expected participation will suffice for the request form.
When will my request form be reviewed by the committee?
T-shirt requests are reviewed on a rolling basis. Grant applications are reviewed three times per year. Please visit our Partnership Grants page for details and deadlines.
How will I be notified if funds or t-shirts are awarded?
Notification will be made by email to the contact person listed on the request form. Should funding be awarded, a fund manager contact and additional instructions will be needed in order to transfer the funds to your organization or department. Awarded t-shirt items may be picked up at the Volunteer50 chair’s office or mailed to an address provided.
If my funding request is accepted, how will my project receive the funds?
Award funds will be issued via an interdepartmental transfer of funds. Requesting organizations and departments must have the ability to accept fund transfers for Opportunity Funds (Fund 07427A).
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